wonderbox romantic weekend

Imagine a perfectly orchestrated weekend for two, where every detail is designed to delight the senses and nurture love. That’s exactly what the Wonderbox Week-End en Amoureux gift box offers. A magical stay, filled with sweet moments to share for two, between exquisite lunches, starry nights and unusual activities. All wrapped up in a single gift box, available on sale to you.

A Customized Gift Box for a Romantic Weekend

The Week-End en Amoureux offer is an innovative Wonderbox concept, based on the feedback and sales criteria most appreciated by our customers. Cleverly designed, this gift box offers a selection of stays and activities carefully chosen to meet the expectations of each couple.

Whether you opt for a gourmet getaway, with lunch and dinner in gourmet restaurants, or a more unusual stay, like a night in a tree house, you’ll find something to suit your desires. Each box is a journey to starlit nights, refined lunches and quiet moments for lovers.

Experience Novelty: Bring something new to your stay

The Wonderbox Week-End en Amoureux Gift Set is constantly being improved by our novelty ambassadors. They are constantly looking for the best offers and the most exciting experiences for couples. So you can discover overnight stays in unusual places, candlelit dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants or gourmet getaways in renowned vineyards.

This constant search for novelty makes this box a perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just to surprise your other half. It’s web-exclusive, so you can buy it anytime, anywhere.

Rigorous Selection Criteria for Precious Moments

The selection process for the stays and experiences offered in the Wonderbox Week-End en Amoureux Gift Box is rigorous. Every detail is meticulously checked by our experts to guarantee your total satisfaction.

Sales criteria are based on the quality of service, the originality of the experience and the satisfaction of previous customers. So you can be sure that every lunch, every overnight stay and every activity in your package has been carefully tested and approved. All you have to do is enjoy your romantic weekend.

In short, the Wonderbox Week-End en Amoureux Gift Set is much more than just a gift. It’s a promise of precious moments to share as a couple, an invitation to travel and discover, an opportunity to get away from routine and enjoy new experiences.

Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or simply to give pleasure, choose excellence and originality. Opt for a romantic weekend with Wonderbox. After all, the best gifts are those that are enjoyed together…

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