visit to cité de l’europe coquelles

Right in the heart of the Nord-Calais region, the Cité de l’Europe in Coquelles is a nerve center of local life and an essential meeting point for all local residents and visiting tourists. It’s a space dedicated to culture, shopping and leisure, which opens its doors wide to you.

A multi-faceted shopping center

The Cité de l’Europe is home to a European-scale shopping center, with a host of new retailers having recently opened. Here you’ll find all your favorite brands, whether you’re looking for clothes, beauty products, electronics, home decor, toys or food. There’s a vast choice to suit every taste and budget.

The retail space is designed to facilitate your visit. The various stores are grouped by universe to help you find your way around easily. What’s more, the Cité de l’Europe in Coquelles offers a full range of services to make your shopping experience pleasant and stress-free. With a left-luggage service, children’s play areas and numerous food and beverage outlets, everything is in place for you to enjoy a relaxing moment with family and friends.

A space dedicated to cinema

The cinema is another major attraction in the center of Coquelles. With its many cinemas, it offers a varied program to suit all film buffs. Whether you’re a fan of action films, romantic comedies, thrillers, animated features or documentaries, you’re bound to find something to your taste in the program.

The cinema staff is there to guide you and help you make your choice. Don’t hesitate to ask for their advice. What’s more, the cinema regularly offers special events, such as previews and theme evenings. Keep an eye on the local newspaper, such as Nord Littoral or L’Indépendant de Calais, for the latest news.

A strong link with local culture and history

The Cité de l’Europe is not only a place of commerce and entertainment, it’s also a place of cultural and historical exchange. Exhibitions are regularly organized to showcase the heritage of the Nord-Calais region. As you stroll through the aisles of the shopping center, you’ll discover the history of this region, which has always been a crossroads of cultures in Europe.

The center’s team is committed to promoting local heritage, notably through partnerships with cultural institutions in the region, such as the Phare de Dunkerque andAvenir d’Artois. These collaborations enable us to offer visitors an enriching and educational experience.

Not to be missed!

The Cité de l’Europe in Coquelles is much more than just a shopping center. It’s a place for living, sharing and discovering, where you can stroll, shop, watch a film or learn more about the heritage of the Nord-Calais region.

In short, whether you’re just passing through France, or a resident of the North, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this must-see area. You’ll find a host of activities to do, goods to buy and experiences to enjoy. The Cité de l’Europe in Coquelles reflects the vitality and diversity of Nord-Calais, a region rich in history, culture and new ideas. Welcome to the Cité de l’Europe in Coquelles, the beating heart of Nord-Calais!

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